Technology moves at a dizzying pace and sometimes advances are so incredible that it takes a while for the world to understand the real impact of what has occurred.  The Safe Network is such an advance.  It is an autonomous network technology with the potential to transform every facet of the internet.  It allows every home computer to be used to its fullest potential while compensating the owners with a currency backed by the most valuable commodity of our era... data.  Join us as we explore what a world of privacy security and freedom can do for you. 

If we are moving forward as a society we need to move forward collectively 

-David Irvine Architect of Maidsafe



Your computer

Access the world's first autonomous network with the Maidsafe Client.  Put that unused drive space and ram to work for you while securing your data in a network that only you can access from any other Maidsafe Client in the world.


our data

Using the latest autonomous network technology the worlds data is stored redundantly and securely.  By allowing your unused computing power to be a part of this network you are helping to create a better world with privacy security and freedom built in.

greyscale safecoin.png

your coin

By supplying the network with your computers resources you become a part of the Safe Network economy.  That is to say you will be compensated with the currency of the network (safecoin) which you can use to purchase resources from the network or exchange for anything else.